Though OUr Home May Be Small

It’s Windows Open on a Wide World.

Who Are The New Nomads?

We are David and Diane – the New Nomads.

We’ve been “location independent” for over 15 years and have no desire to stop now! 

We’ve lived and worked on almost every continent on Earth with a wanderlust fueled by a desire to know what is around the bend, over the next hill and down the less-traveled path.

Home is Where You Park It

Never Far From Nature

The promise of vanlife is one of living closely with the natural world.
Seasons change, the moon rises and sets, and we see it all!

End of The World

Finding the remote places, far from the fast-paced urban life is where we prefer. Taking our home to the edges of the world to find the incredible out-of-the-way culture, food, history and more.

History Comes Alive

Living in the footsteps of ancient cultures, with the time to stop and explore deeper - that's just one more reason to love vanlife.

A different Perspecitve

When you live a slow travel life, you can take the time to look at the world in a new light. Our focus shifts from whats immediately in front of us to a wider view on the world.