Scottish Highlands Vanlife

Spending the winter living Scottish Highlands vanlife gives you a new perspective on a heavily visited tourist destination. Around the Christmas season, the roads are quiet, the wild camping is empty and the skies are dark (or snowy… it is a toss-up!)

Scottish Highlands Vanlife - Campervan on the Coast of Skye
Parkup on the North Coast of Skye

Sure, It's Cold...

Living in a van near the 60th parallel can get downright chilly! After only a few days… you barely notice the cold!

At one point, I went outside not wearing a coat. Diane asked if I wanted one because it was -1° C and I had not noticed!

The landscape is as beautiful as the weather is unpredictable. Both will take your breath away!

Dark Skies at Night

Stepping out into the dark night of the Scottish Highlands, vanlife gave us a way to experience the Isle of Skye like few others.

Crowded tour busses are nowhere in sight and the sheep were quiet all night! On a crystal-clear moonless night, this is as dark as you can get in Europe!

Scottish Highlands Vanlife - Snow Roads
Ice Ice Baby!

Truly Epic

Scottish Highlands Vanlife - Dunvegan Castle
Epic in Every Sense of the Word

Parking out along the lochs and in the mountains of the Scottish Highlands is truly epic in every sense of the word. The wildlife, the landscape, and the natural waters all combine to make a feast for every sense.

Because wild camping further south in the UK can be a challenge (We are looking at you Home Counties!), Scotland offers a wide variety that everyone can find exactly what they are looking for!

Scottish Highlands Vanlife - Skye Inlet
Why Settle for One Mountain When You Can Have 2

Not All Islands Are Warm

The cold becomes an integral part of the experience. It changes your point of view. Things that were once simple become complicated. Things that appeared mundane take on a new, grand character.

Winter changes everything.

Loch Lochy - Scottish Highlands Vanlife
Loch Lochy - So Beautiful They Named It Twice

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